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School of Communication introduction

Welcome to the School of Communication.
Information on the website is here to help the prospective student or researcher make the right decision when selecting their course or supervisor. However, if you have any questions please refer to the staff list at the end and get in touch with the relevant person who can help you.
I look forward to welcoming new students in September 2006, bright and eager to improve their opportunities for future life.
Why is the School successful?
Mainly because it has excellent students and staff – as rated by external examiners.

Who is in the School?
The School is completely based at Jordanstown. We have over five hundred students each year. About one hundred are studying for their Masters, twenty students on average are studying for their doctorates, and the remainder are studying for an honours degree in communication and related areas, such as advertising, public relations, counselling and linguistics.

Most students are full time, with seventy approximately part time. Most students come from the island of Ireland, although the school is delighted to have twenty to twenty five students from all parts of the world studying mainly for PG Diploma/MSc in Communication, Advertising and Public Affairs or PG Diploma/MSc in Political Lobbying and Public Affairs. Some students visit from USA or Europe to study undergraduate modules for one semester each year.

There are seventeen full time academic staff in the School with a range of part time and visiting lecturers from relevant areas of commerce, industry and the voluntary sector. The academic staff are joined by research officers who work on research grants within the School. The school secretaries, Michele Gardiner, Janet Logan and Karen Moran, have a reputation for being very supportive of all students who use the School Office as their first port of call. Students also comment on the friendliness and commitment of the academic staff. The majority of staff are dually qualified in a professional area, hold doctorates, engage in research and have additional teaching qualifications.

What can I study?
The subject areas within the school are:

Business/Organisational Communication 
Counselling and Therapeutic Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Linguistics and Language
Political Lobbying and Public Affairs
Psychological Trauma Management
Public Relations

What will you get if you study in the School?
If you attend classes and work hard, you will get a good degree and develop communication and teamwork skills that will equip you for the world of work.
We aim to transform students into top class members of the public who will have skills to offer the community.

What will help students study and research in the School of Communication?
Apart from the excellent staff who help, the School has the most extensive facilities in the Faculty of Social Sciences. There is a new lab containing approximately 30 PCs all with up to date software.
We have 6 Sets of voice training centres, which incorporate separate rooms for Recording and Playback.
We have a Phonetics and Voice Laboratory, used by Linguistics and Speech and Language Therapy researchers and students.

We have opened a dedicated Communication suite of labs, containing 13 new Apple Macs with Adobe Creative Suit, Microsoft Office 2004 and Quark Express. There are three video editting units for students to work on visual material production, such as DVDs.

The Library also has an extensive range of both hard copy and electronically available Communication and Linguistics journals and books.

Staff List

Head of School




Course Director
BSc Hons Communication, Advertising and Marketing

Andy Purcell

02890 368853

Course Director
BSc Hons Communication
BSc Hons Communication with Counselling
BSc Hons Communication with Public Relations
BSc Hons Communication with Linguistics
BSc Hons Communication with Language

Dr. Fred Morrison

02890 368860

Course Director
BSc Hons Language and Linguistics
BSc Hons Language with Communication
BSc Hons Linguistics with Communication
BSc Hons Linguistics with Counselling
BSc Hons  Linguistics with Public Relations

Dr. Rafaella Folli
Dr. Christiane Ulbrich Professor Alison Henry

Dr. Catrin Rhys is currently off

02890 366615
02890 366861
02890 366544

02890 366463

BSc Hons Public Relations

Dr. Ian Somerville

02890 366869

PG Diploma/MSc in Communication, Advertising and Public Affairs

Kerry Ann Porter

02890 368102

PG Diploma/MSc in Political Lobbying and Public Affairs

Gillian Clifford

02890 366957

PG Cert/Diploma/MSc in Counselling and Therapeutic Communication

Dr. Mary Jenkins
( currently unavailable until April 2006-contact Dr. Pauline Irving

02890 366618

02890 366549

PG Cert/Diploma/MSc in Psychological Trauma Management

Dr. Pauline Irving

02890 366549

Research Co –ordinator Communication

Professor Owen Hargie

02890 66230

Research Co-ordinator-Linguistics

Professor Alison Henry

02890 366544

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